Certification tests are carried out for imported ECB to assess its resistance to the effects of climatic and mechanical factors for which the final product is operated (external factors that cause or may cause a restriction or loss of the operational state of the product).

The laboratory of LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC is equipped with high-tech equipment, which allows the laboratory specialists - highly qualified engineers - to carry out a complex of certification:

Certification tests are conducted on a sample of each type of ECB. The number of samples for ECB is fixed in the Program and test method. It is developed on the basis of the model of external factors affecting the ECB in the Technical Specification. The technical task and the Program and methods of testing are developed by specialists of LLC RADIOAVTOMATIKA or provided by the customer. The results of ECB certification tests are recorded in the reporting documentation (in protocols and conclusion).

Thus, the successful passage of ECB certification tests is a guarantee of ECB resistance to the model of external factors affecting the final product.