On the basis of LTD "RADIOAUTOMATIC" there is a testing laboratory. It has the material, technical and methodological base, which provides comprehensive testing of electronic components and the solution of related problems.

The main activities of the laboratory:

The laboratory is accredited in the Electronsert SDS system (certificate No. ES.01.061.0149-2021). The laboratory premises are equipped in accordance with the requirements for industrial cleanliness, storage conditions for electronic components (including protection against static electricity), etc.

Without exception, all tests are carried out in compliance with safety and labor protection requirements at specialized workplaces. During the tests, certified testing equipment and attorney measuring instruments are used, a list of which is specified in the test reports.

The laboratory employees are high-level professionals with many years of experience in the relevant profile.

The work performed by the testing laboratory of RADIOAUTOMATIС LTD is the guarantor of: