LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC carries out comprehensive wholesale and small wholesale deliveries of electronic components, which have successfully passed certification tests and 100% visual control and confirmed quality characteristics.

The program of supplies of our company includes electronic components from the largest manufacturers of the Russian Federation and the countries of North America, Europe and Asia.

One of the main advantages of cooperation with LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC in the field of supplies of electronic components is:

Close long-term cooperation with our partners guarantees product quality, optimal delivery times and flexible prices.

LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC supplies electronic components, including: sensors, transistors, diodes, thyristors, indication, displays, microcontrollers, memory devices, resistors, capacitors, generators, timers, interfaces, integrated circuits, modular power supplies, autonomous sources power supply, power relays, switches, connectors, sockets, contact devices, connecting sockets, plugs, transformers, shock absorbers, light signaling devices, flashlights, holders.