The strategic direction of the testing laboratory of RADIOAUTOMATIC LTD is to achieve and maintain a leading position in conducting certification tests of the electronic component base of domestic and foreign special-purpose production.

The main goal of the activity of the testing lab is to ensure a high level of organization and conduct of tests in the declared field of accreditation, which guarantees the receipt of reliable, objective and reproducible test results, the creation of sustainable trust and a high degree of customer satisfaction with the quality and timing of the services provided.

Achieving this goal is achieved by solving the following tasks:

The solution to these problems is provided by:

The management of RADIOAUTOMATIKA LTD and testing lab undertakes:

All employees of testing lab should familiarize themselves with the Quality Guidelines, documented QMS procedures and be guided by their activities in this Quality Policy.

Enforced by order No. 34/1 of April 28, 2017.