The main goal of LTD «RADIOAUTOMATIC» in the field of quality is to ensure uninterrupted supply of electronic components of domestic and foreign production that meets the requirements and expectations of the customer.

Means of achieving this goal is a quality management system. From the very beginning, striving to ensure high quality of delivered products and increase competitiveness, the management of LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC has set the task of developing, implementing and certifying a Quality Management System to the center of the management strategy. At present, the RADIOAUTOMATIC LTD has implemented and is effectively operating a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of:

GOST R ISO 9001-2015, GOST RV 0015-002-2012, which is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity issued by the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Center for Testing and Certification Promtechnosert;

The LTD «RADIOAUTOMATIC» organization carries out the purchase, storage and integrated supply of electronic components of domestic and foreign special-purpose production.

The most important principles of the quality management system of RADIOAUTOMATIC LTD are:

Radioatomatiс LTD Quality Policy

Radioatomatiс LTD Quality Policy for the Laboratory