Social orientation - an important component of the works of RADIOAUTOMATIC LTD

Organization of labor activities

The policy of social protection of employees is an important component of the company's work, and is an expression of business responsibility, and for employees it is financial stability and social confidence in the future.

The principle of the company is based on the fulfillment of the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the governing documents on the organization of labor activity in the organization and the mutually beneficial partnership between the employee and the employer.

LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC offers their employees:

Payment, conditions and labor protection

The main task of the company is to improve the system of remuneration and benefits, increasing their level. This is an economic development incentive for employees, and, as a result, an increase in the efficiency of the company’s activities.

LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC makes every effort to ensure that this level always exceeds the market average, and without exception, all employees receive a decent reward for their work. A transparent payment system allowed everyone to independently determine what skills and knowledge needed to be improved and how effective the work in the current period of time was.

Professional training, career growth

LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC is aimed at the development of successful activity, and therefore makes every effort to unleash the potential of its employees. Everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop, both professionally and personally. The company carefully monitors employees to keep abreast of the latest trends in the professional sphere, motivates their employees to continuously improve their existing skills and knowledge, and regularly sends them to vocational training and professional development at the expense of the company.

Social and cultural development

The basic principles, they are guided by a team of company - is a teamwork, cooperation and trust. The result and the constant increase of its effectiveness. LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC and its employees appreciate such qualities as mutual respect and initiative. All employees are working on effective work.

In addition to the training activities of the company, cultural excursions and corporate meetings are held.

The main priorities in the social policy of LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC:

The creation of jobs that respond to a safe work organization and decent remuneration contribute to raising the standard of living of employees in general. The result is positive changes in social and cultural development.

Considering the general principles and guidelines of social policy, and its priorities, as well as taking into account the specifics of activity and features, LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC creates programs for the development and improvement of the social-cultural environment for its employees.


LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC renders charitable assistance to the budgetary institution of social services "Orphanage for mentally retarded children named after Ushinsky" (174150 Novgorod region, Shimsky district, Shimsk urban-type settlement, number 37 street).