LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC is a dynamically developing company carrying out certification tests and complex deliveries of electronic component base (Electronic Components) of imported and domestic production, measuring and testing equipment.

«RADIOAUTOMATIC» has its own testing laboratory, in which highly qualified engineers conduct certification tests of foreign-made Electronic Components and additional tests of domestic-made Electronic Components.

LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC fully completes mass production, supplies single specimens for experimental development at factories and research institutes, design bureaus and enterprises producing unique equipment.

The staff of LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC is highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of supply of electronic components and testing. All participants regularly take part in advanced training seminars.

The main task of LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC is to maximize the satisfaction of the needs and needs of enterprises in high-quality products of electronic components, conducting certification tests and providing highly qualified technical support.

The main goal of LTD RADIOAUTOMATIC is to achieve and maintain a high organizational and qualified level of the organization’s activities, aimed not only at unconditional and high-quality fulfillment of customer requirements, but also at exceeding the demands and expectations of consumers.